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Evidence for Action (E4A) funds research evaluating the population health, wellbeing, and racial equity impacts of programs, policies, and practices. What We're Learning is a repository of media pieces, research articles, presentations, reports, and other materials highlighting E4A supported research and findings. Sort by topic or resource type. 

Pregnant person wearing a brownish-grey top with their arms wrapped around their stomach

Supportive prenatal substance use policies are those in which pregnant people are provided access to treatment or other support programs. Such policies lead to better outcomes for babies: preterm births and low birth weight births both decreased by 2%.

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Teacher and pre-schoolers with arts & crafts

Drs. Liana Winett and Jeff Neiderdeppe discuss their findings from there narrative studies around early childcare and education with state legislators and the general public with Shel Holtz of the FIR Podcast Network.

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