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Our new rolling call for proposals (CFP), E4A: Innovative Research to Advance Racial Equity, is now open and accepting applications! 

What is Evidence for Action

Evidence for Action (E4A) is a Signature Program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. We are dedicated to developing the evidence base to align with RWJF’s vision to build a Culture of Health and commitment to advance health and racial equity. We do this by funding investigator-initiated research and providing technical assistance to researchers and organizations working in communities to evaluate interventions. 

Our Grants

E4A awards grants to encourage and support innovative, rigorous research on the impact of programs, policies, and practices on health and well-being, with a particular focus on research that will help advance health and racial equity.

What We're Learning

Over-policing has detrimental impacts to community health and wellbeing. Changes in practice and policy are needed.

Stories can be powerful in shaping how audiences think about social issues, and the role of public policy in affecting them. How those stories are told is incredibly important when trying to build political will. 

Supportive prenatal substance use policies lead to better outcomes for babies: preterm births and low birth weight births both decreased by 2%. Punitive policies may harm infants.


I’m inspired by the game changing ways E4A grantees are looking at health impacts, and by E4A’s commitment to support grantees in translating their research in actionable ways that influence decision makers to improve population health.

Natalie DiRocco, MPH
E4A Grantee Manager, she/her/hers

Natalie DiRocco, MPH

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