Identifying Shared Values to Support an Inclusive Culture of Health around Firearms: What Communication Messages Work?

Project Summary: 

Surveys reveal that the overwhelming majority of gun owners support firearm policies such as universal background checks, leading to the belief that there are shared values that can bring gun owners and non-gun owners together to engage in gun violence prevention. The researchers are developing and evaluating communication strategies to include all stakeholders in firearm violence prevention. They aim to identify the values that bridge backgrounds and perspectives and develop and test the effectiveness of different message framing strategies in changing gun policy-related attitudes and mindsets and willingness to engage in gun violence prevention. By testing the effects of a  targeted communication intervention on mindsets and civic engagement, the researchers are determining the extent to which these Making Health A Shared Value Drivers can be changed for an issue that is considered intractable. Results from this study will inform policymakers on how to create a more inclusive agreement around firearm violence prevention policies.

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Making Health A Shared Value Drivers: mindset towards firearm and other public health policies and level of civic engagement with gun violence prevention


The researchers are conducting a survey of 2,000 gun owners to identify various gun subcultures and their related values, beliefs and behaviors. Based on values they all have in common, the researchers are building strategies to engage non gun owners and gun owners alike in firearm violence prevention.

Principal Investigators: 

Michael Siegel, MD, MPH

Claire Boine, LLM, MPP, MA

Grant Start Date: 
December 2018
Award Amount & Duration: 

$599,413 & 36 months

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