Could The Strategies That Worked For Tobacco Control Also Work For Gun Reform?

Image of man and child looking at a target.

"Here we go again.

"Last week in California, a school shooter at Santa Clarita’s Saugus High School killed two teenagers and himself. Over the weekend, unidentified shooters snuck into a backyard family football party in Fresno and shot 10 men, killing four. In between, a domestic murder-suicide shooting that killed five family members in San Diego barely made the national news.

"Shannon Watts, founder of anti-gun violence organization Moms Demand Action, ritually retweeted all three with her trademark heading, 'ANOTHER MASS SHOOTING IN AMERICA.' But most Americans went about their days, horrified by the news if they heard it, but with little faith that another shooting will make a difference in our violent status quo.

"Many Americans believe our hopes for gun reform died at Sandy Hook. If the deaths of 20 first graders didn't convince America to change, the line of reasoning goes, nothing will. But Sandy Hook could turn out to have been a turning point, according to Dr. Michael Siegel, professor of Community Health Sciences at Boston University's School of Public Health, who has a radical idea for overcoming the gun control stalemate..."

Author: Rebecca Steinitz.

Outlet: WBUR