Medically Tailored Meals & Healthcare Utilization

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Medically tailored meal delivery was associated with reduced inpatient and skilled nursing facility admissions, with associated cost savings.

"Our medically tailored meals and healthcare utilization study is the largest study to date, studying 807 medically tailored meals recipients across multiple insurance payers. Because the study looked at a broader population (statewide healthcare claims from 2011 to 2015 as reflected in the Massachusetts All-Payer Claims Database, MA-APCD) it provides a more accurate picture of the association between medically tailored meals intervention participation and healthcare utilization and cost.

"Researchers found that receipt of medically tailored meals was associated with significantly fewer inpatient admissions and skilled nursing facility admissions. The study team estimated that had everyone in the matched cohort received medically tailored meals, average individual monthly healthcare costs would have been $3,838 versus $4,591 – a difference of $753 per person per month or 16% less..." 

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