Who Benefits From Workplace Flexibility? A New Study Tackles Schedule Instability in Retail Jobs

Image of two young women working in clothing store.

"There’s a lot of talk these days about the benefits of a flexible work schedule. Setting your own hours and working from home are perks that many companies offer to attract and retain top talent. But this is a benefit that is really only useful for salaried professionals. For hourly workers, especially those in retail, there is such a thing as too much workplace flexibility, and it goes by a different name: instability. It’s not uncommon for retail workers to be unsure of what their schedules look like just a few days or even a few hours out, which makes it difficult to plan child care and schedule doctors’ appointments, much less rely on a stable paycheck..."

Authors: Joan C. Williams, Lisa McCorkell, Susan Lambert, and Saravanan Kesavan.

Outlet: Slate.

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