NALBOH Webinar: Evidence for Action: A Resource for Local Boards of Health

During this webinar with NALBOH representatives of local boards of health were introduced to E4A as both a source of potential funding for local research projects and a resource for high-quality evidence to inform decision-making about programs and policies that impact the health, equity, and well-being of their communities and constituents. 

During the webinar, E4A Deputy Director, Erin Hagan, PhD, MBA, shared information about the application and review process and offered an overview of the range of currently funded research projects. E4A grantee, Stephanie Farquhar, PhD, MA, also provided a more detailed description of her team’s efforts to evaluate the impact of a housing redevelopment project on resident and community health and well-being.


  • Erin Hagan, PhD, MBA, Evidence for Action Deputy Director
  • Stephanie Farquhar, PhD, MA, Senior Social Research Scientist, Public Health Seattle and King County, Evidence for Action Grantee

Watch a recording of the webinar.


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