Evidence for Action Funding Updates: Is Your Project a Good Fit?

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A Note About Project Fit: Evidence for Action opened its doors almost one year ago. Throughout our first year we have refined our niche within RWJF’s Culture of Health vision and honed in on which projects are the best fit for the program:

Evidence for Action (E4A) funds rigorously designed quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods research that expands the evidence base needed to build a Culture of Health. Our mission is to support research that yields convincing findings regarding the population health, well-being and equity impacts of specific policies, programs and partnerships. Evidence generated through E4A should aid practitioners and policymakers in setting priorities and allocating resources.  While E4A primarily targets late-stage research that directly tests health outcomes, a smaller portfolio of grants is dedicated to the development and validation of key measures to improve the assessment of population health, well-being and equity.

A Note About Our Webinar: Lessons Learned from a Year of Evidence for Action Grant Reviews is being held on February 18th from 10:30am PT/1:30pm ET to 11:30am PT/2:30pm ET. Register now.

A Note About Budgets: We have received a wide range of budget requests and have invited Full Proposals ranging from $35k to $1M and recommended projects for funding ranging from $46k to $500k. While there is no cap for an allowable research budget request, we do weigh the funding requested against the potential value of proposed research gains.

A Note About Our FAQs: Make sure to visit the FAQ section of our website where we share many important details about eligibility, submission, and funding. We are continuously updating this section based on questions received from applicants.

A Note About Our Grantees: We're excited to introduce our first four grantees. To learn more about their projects, please visit our Grantees Page.

  • Multiple Chronic Conditions and Population Health
  • The EARN-Health Trial: Intervening on economic determinants of health
  • Helping Smokers Quit: Crossing Boundaries Across Medicaid, Public Health, and Other Sectors
  • Using Litigation to increase PE policy compliance in California: Impact and unintended consequences

A Note from Our Partners: Our fellow RWJF Research Evaluation & Learning Pillar Program, Policies for Action, has recently released their first Call for Proposals. LOIs are being accepted through March 17, 2016.


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