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Evidence for Action (E4A) offers free workshops to groups of potential applicants to help them prepare competitive and responsive research proposals. Workshops are intended to help groups work on multiple research proposals, and are not intended to work with a single research team to develop a single research proposal.   

Workshops are intended to provide tailored information in an interactive format. Topics could include generating research questions that are actionable and relevant to improving health and racial equity; building a dissemination strategy; developing a competitive application; or enhancing equity in the research process, among others.

Workshops are not intended to provide a general overview of the E4A program or funding opportunity. Please refer to our Applicant Resources for more general information and guidance about applying to E4A.

We are committed to helping all potential E4A applicants, but due to limited resources and capacity, we may not be able to accommodate all requests. Other resources will be made available to you in the event we cannot complete your request.

To request a workshop, fill out the below form, and someone from E4A will be in touch with you shortly.

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