What is expected of grantees?

In addition to carrying out the specified research project, the following are additional expectations:

  • Participation in peer networking activities with other E4A and RWJF grantees, including at least one in-person learning exchange event.
  • Pre-registration of study on Open Science Framework (OSF) at the start of the grant period.
  • Participation in periodic progress check-ins throughout the grant period with E4A National Program Office staff.
  • Coordination with E4A to develop and implement a plan to share findings with stakeholders beyond the research community.
  • Reasonable adherence to timelines and budgets built into the project plan, including major project milestones and ¬†dissemination after analyses are complete.
  • Upon completion of the grant, delivery of select products to support next steps for action, such as policy briefs, models or projections of the anticipated effect of the approach in a specific U.S. context, toolkits to guide program leaders in the U.S. who are interested in adapting interventions, and implementation plans for adaptation of an intervention to the U.S.


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