Addressing Birth Equity and Family Wellbeing Through Cross-Sector Alignment and Policy Solutions

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Join the RWJF 4Action programs, Evidence for Action, Policies for Action, and Systems for Action, for a gathering around addressing birth equity and family wellbeing through cross-sector alignment and policy solutions. Moderated by Andrea Serano of Moms Rising this discussion will feature early insights from our panelist's projects and discuss policy levers, key collaborations, funding mechanisms, and other factors that lead to the successful implementation of sustainable cross-sector solutions to improve birth equity.

Funded by E4A, Drs. Afulani and Nijagal's project in San Francisco is focused on implementing a pop-up village model for pregnant residents as a "one-stop shop" for their care. By bringing care delivery systems to those who would otherwise have trouble accessing it, this team aims to decrease inequities and improve the care experience of Black pregnant people.

Funded by P4A, Dr. Felix Muchomba is seeking to better understand New Jersey's maternal mortality rate, the fourth highest in the US, through mapping birth record data. By indicating which areas of NJ are known to have better or worse maternal health outcomes, the team can then identify local policy solutions to the factors impacting health motherhood.

Funding by S4A, Dr. Venice Ng Williams is currently evaluating sites of the Nurse-Family Partnership to determine how best to expand their reach to more low-income pregnant people across the country. The nationwide partnership has the potential to reach many more families, and with these efforts, the team hopes to determine best practices for engaging community stakeholders and ensure improved implementation.


9am PT/12pm ET

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