Employment Opportunities at E4A

We’re looking for a creative and passionate people to join our team and help us work toward E4A’s mission of building a Culture of Health and advancing racial equity.

Communications & Program Assistant

The Communications & Program Assistant will provide both communications and administrative support for E4A and help us to advance toward achieving a number of goals that include, but aren't limited to, conducting targeted and general outreach to potential applicants for the E4A funding opportunity;  supporting our grantees in disseminating their research to individuals and groups beyond the academic setting so findings can be used to affect real world change; and affecting change in the research space by encouraging changes to the status quo of how research is done. This person will also support E4A's mission through administrative work, such as scheduling, note-taking, and other activities.

Program Manager

The E4A Program Manager will  oversee our technical assistance initiatives and manage our portfolio of grantees. The Program Manager is responsible for working with E4A grantees to track their progress, strategize around issues that arise during the course of the grant, and aid in dissemination and related activities. Additionally, the Program Manager will work with select applicants to enhance the rigor, feasibility, or impact of their proposed research.

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