New Measure Development

Multiple Chronic Conditions Heat Maps

Multiple Chronic Conditions (MCCs), diagnoses of more than one chronic condition at one time, place a significant burden on the health care system. Much of the focus to date has been on the overall count of MCCs. New research from University of Wisconsin Professor John Mullahy draws attention to the importance of examining how MCCs cluster. An understanding of these patterns could serve as the foundation for the development of innovative approaches to evaluate changing patterns in population health.

Treatment Effects with Multiple Outcomes

This paper proposes strategies for defining, identifying, and estimating features of treatment-effect distributions in contexts where multiple outcomes are of interest. After describing existing empirical approaches used in such settings, the paper develops a notion of treatment preference that is shown to be a feature of standard treatment-effect analysis in the single-outcome case. Focusing largely on binary outcomes, treatment-preference probability treatment effects (PTEs) are defined and are seen to correspond to familiar average treatment effects in the single-outcome case.